The Pleasure Principle in Business, Beauty, Wealth + Love

 I believe we are meant to be happy.

I know that the Universe conspires to take us to that blissful place, even when we have to crawl through mud and stones on our knees to get there.

I realize as I type this how simplistic it all sounds, and yet, the truth of our birthright to live pleasurably is pure and innocent. It is unabashedly naive.

Nevertheless, finding the ultimate pleasure points in my body makes me freaking excited. Beyond.

I can find deep pleasure in the slowest, deepest breath. Putting on a cool cotton dress, letting my skin slide into that softness, is its own aphrodisiac.

Roses on my altar intoxicate and leave me breathless.

What makes you happy?

Pleasure is my passion and as an entrepreneur and author I want to channel this sultry feeling in all my work and radiate it out — towards you.

Being an artist, a creative, an entrepreneur, or a trailblazer can be taxing on all levels: physical, emotional and mental. There is no way to do business “half way” when you are a passionate business owner.

Even so. I want you to feel sexy in your body, because when you do, you soar.

I’m delighted to be offering Pleasure Principle for the third year running––and have seen the changes this course can help people make in all aspects of their day to day life! 

The Pleasure Principle in Business, Beauty, Wealth + Love: $59

Join me for a 2-week, delicious dive into the ART + SOUL of pleasure. 

Week 1: Finding how the natal Venus in your birth chart is affecting your business, love life and material wealth. Learning how to use her energy to vitalize beauty, wealth, pleasure, sensuality and joy in your life. 

Week 2: Take the wisdom and epiphanies from Week 1 and apply them to your everyday life. Making big decisions with pleasure at the center. Choosing a path that integrates mind, body and soul, while using pleasure as your guide along the way.

What you will learn:

1. How to run your own natal and transit chart for free online; then you can pinpoint where the planet Venus was when you were born and where she is now

2. How each of the days of the week corresponds to a planet, element, chakra and archetypal figure

3. How to infuse pleasure and passion into areas of your life that feel tired, stagnant, difficult and just plain blech.

4. How to focus on what’s truly important to you when it feels like the Universe is conspiring to throw you off course

5. How to optimize your energy according to the days of the week so you can get things done without stressing out or feeling overwhelmed


Each day you will have an assignment that is so easy and pleasurable that I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t want to do it. 

This is a self-guided online course.

Raves for The Pleasure Principle

“Thanks to your guidance, I’ve started falling in love with myself and that has given me a magnetism I haven’t exuded in a very long time. Thank you!!”

- Yancy Lael, Author of Glowing: Soulful Skincare + The Poison Box

“This experience has been incredible. Since starting this course, I’ve gotten so much done: new products added, new offerings thought of, new custom opt in pages added on website.”

- Shyla Fair, Partly Cloudy

“Kris, this has been so powerful. All of these embodiment delights have ignited my imagination. I am on fire. Poetry, artwork, marketing ideas, new services. The abundance of this creative energy is growing exponentially. ”

- Sama Morningstar, Heavenly Bodies Seminary

“Kris, this is by far the most incredible playshop you’ve created so far! I sincerely hope that you plan to expand on this because by Goddess this is powerful medicine and it is so needed right now!”

- Tara Villeneuve, Cosmic Soul Medicine

About Kris Seraphine-Oster, Ph.D

Kris is a brand strategist, marketing copywriter and coach for creative and spiritually-minded entrepreneurs who are determined to find more meaning, magic AND profit in their businesses.

She was a once a corporate marketing director and lead website developer for some pretty big names, including Citrix Online, E! Entertainment Television, Disney, ABC, Paramount Pictures. She even made her employer $1 million with a single e-newsletter once.

But, like you, she heard the siren’s call and decided to pursue a life of pleasure, doing what she loves.

She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create a business and livelihood that feels otherworldly … seductive … enthralling … and totally pleasure-soaked.

When Kris isn’t working, you can find her priestessing rituals, writing mermaid erotica, dancing Indian classical and fusion styles, playing her congas, or frolicking in the surf with her 10-year old girl.


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