Branding + Marketing Strategy and Implementation Packages

Get Your Strategy On:

Foundational Branding + Marketing Package

This package is for entrepreneurs and businesses that want: 1. Fresh branding; 2. content marketing strategy (when to post blogs, launch courses and promote on social media for example); 3. need support creating content (writing blogs and copy for email marketing and pages of website for example); 4. need basic implementation for email and website content delivery.

The process takes 4-6 weeks to complete and have you up and running. 

Some folks ask, "Can we get this done faster?"

Many times the answer is yes and we can shave off weeks 5-6 and add those deliverables to weeks 3-4. No difference in the fee. The timeline often depends on whether or not the client gives me feedback and approvals for content in a quick, timely manner. 

The timeline/itinerary below simply reflects what has worked in my past experience.

Fee to be paid before our first deep dive meeting: $3,000.

The blow-by-blow itinerary of our branding + marketing foundation building:


First Deep Dive Meeting (approx 2 hours): I’ll ask you a lot of questions and present the beginning analysis for your brand strategy. We’ll talk about how to move your brand out into the world in the most unique and effective ways to attract your dream customers and clients.

We’ll talk about your brand themes and archetypes and how to make them more clear on your website, social media, etc. The themes and archetypal resonances will drive the content strategy for your retreats, workshops, speaking engagements and marketing content across all media formats. We’ll be going for coherence in all of your messaging.

This meeting also helps me get clear on your voice so I can begin writing content.


I’ll create a private Pinterest board with brand inspiration - colors, fonts, images that evoke your brand. This will guide us on the best archetypal resonances (emotional connection) to use that will attract the ideal customers and clients to your brand. 

I send you the first written drafts of “About Me,” “Services” (or Product or Course based page depending on your business model) and “Home” pages for your website. 


We meet over the phone or Zoom for about an hour to discuss how everything is moving along. You are welcome to ask me questions or to discuss anything you feel is relevant to the project.

At this point, in my experience, the project focus can begin to break down. It’s helpful to have this call to make sure we are centered in on what the true priorities are.

I'll create your email welcome series (3-5 emails) and prepare your first newsletter using your chosen email client templates. I'm experienced in using Mailchimp, Kajabi, Ontraport, Constant Contact and iContact for email marketing.


We meet for about one hour to discuss a launch strategy of your business, coaching services, produce, etc. Your launch could be anywhere from 3-6 weeks long.

I’ll send you a schedule of what content needs to be released and its sequence during the marketing of the launch. It will include social media and email.

This week I will also complete your freebie/opt in marketing. 


I’ll write content and create banners for your social media outlets.

I’ll create 1 landing page and 2 additional emails specifically for your launch. Sometimes an extra email or two are needed, so I will include that in the package. 


We meet for our project wrap up - approximately 1.5 hours to discuss any remaining copy changes, or content needed. You can decide if you want to continue working together on a retainer.

My two retainer package options are in the next section below.

If you wish to take the reins from here and hire me out at my hourly rate when you need fresh content, that’s perfectly fine. My rate is $95/hour.

By the end of this project, we will have laid a very strong foundation for you to move forward with your work.

And I feel this is the true objective of this package: to help you launch a new online business that will abundantly sustain you financially and bring you joy and fulfillment!

NOTE: If you wish to also have me develop and implement products for you such as online courses (aka stuff you sell) there is an additional charge based on the specifications of the products you need. We will need to estimate those out separately from the package.

Marketing Retainer Package 

This is for entrepreneurs and businesses that already have content strategy laid out and need support getting their content created and delivered.

Two Options:

$847 per month, 3 month minimum contract

$1,200 for one month, no contract obligation

Both options Include the following services:

(1 time) Initial 1.5 hour meeting for marketing and content strategy and development based on what you have, or perhaps discover new and improved directions.

(2 times per month) 30 minute strategy meetings over phone or Zoom to discuss ongoing and new marketing projects.


2 blog posts per month written by Kris, based on your list of topics (up to approximately 1,000 words for each one). Kris publishes approved blog posts.

Newsletters - 1 per month written by Kris, based on your list of topics. Kris schedules send of approved newsletter each month.

Email Announcements - 2 per month (1 sales and 1 engagement email). Kris schedules send of approved email communications each month.

Weekly Social media updates that we agree upon during our initial set up meeting.

Copy Editing: includes 4 hours of editing any content written by the client.

Add Ons:

– Additional per hour charge for designing email banners, social media banners, blog graphics as needed and approved $95/hour.

– Sales Funnel Mapping: $95/hour 

NOTE: If you wish to also have me develop and implement products for you such as online courses (aka stuff you sell) there is an additional charge based on the specifications of the products you need. We will need to estimate those out separately from the package.

When you've decided you'd like to work with me and wish to set up a 15 minute call to make your final decision, please click HERE to set up a time.

Are you using Kajabi yet? Oh wow. The Kajabi platform rocks ... you can try it FREE for 14 days! It incorporates sales pages for your products, services and online courses with payment gateways, webinar sign up forms, email marketing, opt in funnels and membership sites.  

Here’s my Kajabi portal if you want to see what I’ve done with it:

I use the base package for $129 per month and it is soooo worth it!

Please use my referral link (click HERE) and if you decide to purchase a plan at the end of your trial you get 15% off! I will get a kickback too...if that bugs you, just go to the Kajabi website without using my link. No worries!

About Kris Seraphine-Oster, Ph.D

Kris is a brand strategist, marketing copywriter and coach for creative and spiritually-minded entrepreneurs who are determined to find more meaning, magic AND profit in their businesses. 

She was a once a corporate marketing director and lead website developer for some pretty big names, including Citrix Online, E! Entertainment Television, Disney, ABC, Paramount Pictures. She even made her employer $1 million with a single e-newsletter once.

But, like you, she heard the siren’s call and decided to pursue a life of pleasure, doing what she loves.

She has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create a business and livelihood that feels otherworldly … seductive … enthralling … and totally pleasure-soaked.

When Kris isn’t working, you can find her priestessing rituals, writing mermaid erotica, dancing Indian classical and fusion styles, playing her congas, or frolicking in the surf with her 10-year old girl.


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