Want to be unforgettable?

If you want to become a legend (without the sleazoid marketing tactics) and light up your audience like 10,000 fireflies (without burning the candle at both ends), then it’s time to break up with “normal” marketing.

I’m an archetypal brand strategist and a writer for supernaturally creative entrepreneurs.

But honestly? Marketing and branding are all about expressing the raw content of your soul, so that those who need you the most can find you.

Because marketing is really just a form of magical enchantment that invites your people to a big ol’ pleasure party.

After working with hundreds of healers, artists, dancers, musicians and small business owners, I’ve noticed a few dozen patterns (and I’ll just name a few here):

  • You have nights when you can’t sleep. Sometimes because you’re so excited and can’t stop thinking about all the amazing things you can create or that you can do to help make your customers’ lives easier.
  • You worry about decisions like “should I charge more for this product or less? Is my logo the right color…” And, then no decision is made. Product not launched. Website languishes. Little to no sales.


Once upon a time I was a rock star marketing director and lead producer for some pretty big name corporations.

In 2011, I finally left the corporate world to weave my own fairytale as an entrepreneur, author … and be the mother I’ve always wanted to be for my little faery princess!

My adventures have brought me to a place where I can recognize other entrepreneurs’ archetypal resonances and help them create more provocative brands with unforgettable wordsmithing and strategic positioning.

The results are nothing less than supernatural: sales doubled in 60 days or less and newsletter signups tripled in just under 3 months. Businesses soaked through and through with pleasure.

I believe I was put on the planet, first + foremost, as a healer.

I happen to work my healing magic through marketing (which is really about storytelling) and branding (which is really about personal clarity) and business development (which is really about fulfilling your destiny). 

This site is specifically designed to make it uber easy for you to find and utilize my vast library of marketing and branding online courses, workbooks, webinars and digital products.


With passion, pleasure and devotion unending,



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