Higher Ground: Practical Magic to Grow Your Business in 2020.

Become the badass entrepreneurial legend you are meant to be + shake up your industry.

A Mythological Journey for Women Entrepreneurs who wish to ...

Create Magnetic + Compelling Content Marketing.

Be Wildly Pleasured + Prosperous.

Work In An Empowered Feminine Business Paradigm. 

Start a Revolution.

6 month program runs from December 2019 until  June 2020.

Higher Ground includes 25 Weeks (that’s 6 months) of lessons, meditations, workshops and live intuitive tarot readings ...

... to make your business more pleasurable and profitable.
… to make your brand uber clear and compelling.
… to help you kick overwhelm to the curb and prioritize what needs to happen first in your business.
… to help you reach measurable goals in your business in 2020 that feel as easy as sipping your morning latte.
… to guide you through your entrepreneurial adventures with love and support so you can confidently claim your throne!
I’ve designed this program for women entrepreneurs looking for consistent support and expert, trustworthy advice about rocking their marketing, branding and business design.


community support + accountability

Are you seeking a tribe of incredibly compassionate and magical entrepreneurs to get love, feedback and support every day?

You’ll have 24-7 access to the private Facebook group where all members of Higher Ground cavort and share.

live q&a + tarot readings

No matter whether you are a novice or experienced entrepreneur, you will benefit from my individualized support in the Facebook group.

We have bi-weekly Q&A's to help you stay accountable and receive consistently great advice and feedback for your marketing and business ideas.

full spectrum of courses + content

Get your hot hands on over 25 online tools (meditations, courses, pdfs, rituals and videos) to help you bring the sexy back to YOUR life, relationships and business.

There is a section devoted to working with tarot and the archetypes. Be your own oracle.

Higher Ground is perfect for you if ...

You have big dreams to expand your current business and aren’t sure where to begin, or you are starting a new business, or entrepreneurial venture, and you want to do it right the first time. (I’ll outline the journey step-by-step, into doable, actionable bite-sized steps.)
You feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the amount of effort you’ve put in with disappointing results. (I’ll show you how aligning with the Divine Feminine archetypes will help you work better + smarter.)
You want to have another woman entrepreneur with over 25 years experience in developing corporate brands, as well as quirky, out-of-the-box small businesses, give you expert advice and feedback on your marketing. (That would be me.)
You want a coven of supportive, creative and intuitive women entrepreneurs with many different levels of experience and types of expertise. (That would be the incredible Higher Ground sisterhood.) 

What’s included in Higher Ground:

25 Weekly lessons in pdf format.

That’s 6 months worth of bite-sized content that you can implement every week in 2-3 hours or less … sometimes you will get a bigger assignment, but I endeavor to make content marketing creation as fun and as painless as possible.

Weekly Facebook Live Tarot Card Mini-Readings

Every week I will pull a tarot or oracle card for all members that ask for one.

Private Facebook Group

Enjoy 24/7 connection to your business besties. I will answer your burning questions about your business, branding and marketing.

Bi-Weekly LIVE Q&A's over Zoom led by yours truly.

(3) 40 minute one-on-one coaching sessions with me.

One in February; one in April; and one in June. 

A gorgeous and colorful Higher Ground 2020 Playbook (PDF and Printed Formats)

Use your journal to follow the journey from week to week. Think of this as your sacred, magical grimoire to keep coming back to after the program is complete.

Course Objectives

The 6 month program is divided into 3 sections, each with its own set of objectives and results. The sections are based on my own work with the feminine archetypes that I’ve found to be most effective in meeting the needs of creative women entrepreneurs.


Empress Archetypal Themes: Sovereignty, Abundance, Grounded (January - February)

Business Objectives:

  • Choose your focus and create intentions for your business from 2019-2020.
  • Structure your business in alignment with your ultimate desires, your personality and energy.
  • Discover your core business archetype, which will inform your messaging and brand actions.
  • Decide what to delegate and get off of your plate so you can do your best work, without getting overwhelmed.


The Lover Archetypal Themes: Sensuality, Body, Connection (March - April)

Business Objectives:

  • Focus on your relationship with your customers.
  • Implement surveys and acquire valuable feedback to better serve your audience’s needs and desires.
  • Loving up your clients and customers so they will stick with you over the years by creating or curating content that is tailor-made for them.
  • Strategically plan your big Fall and/or 2020 launches.
  • Learn theories and the neuroscience behind effective storytelling in marketing.
  • Create a long-lasting love affair between you, your business and your customers.


High Priestess Archetypal Themes: Path of Devotion, Ritual, Magic (May - June)

Business Objectives:

  • List building made fun and easy to build up your platform and increase your reach.
  • Creating on-brand offers that your dream clients and customers can’t resist.
  • Community building techniques to rally your own tribe of devoted brand advocates.
  • Complete a business audit: find the parts of your business that need updating and tweaking so you are ready to launch in the Fall through 2020.

The Higher Ground 2020 Lesson Plan

Week 1: The Queen’s Pleasure. First, things first: I will help you activate your Sovereign Archetype. What are your rules of enchantment? This week you will begin to create your pleasure plan for 2019. I’ll also show you how to write the character profile (some call this your “avatar” and I call it your “SDC: Supernaturally Designed Client”) for the specific customers you crave.
For your pleasure practice, we will be communing with one of my most beloved, patron Goddesses for the next 3 weeks in our Yemaya Sadhana. I will teach you rituals and body-loving practices that will rejuvenate you and build your magical power for a year of miraculous manifesting.
Tarot Focus: The Fool
Week 2: Embodying The Empress. It’s time to turn up the volume on your manifesting power! This week you will write your I AM statements to guide your life and work throughout 2019. I will teach you a tarot spread and ritual you can do as often as you’d like to deepen your connection to your own Empress manifestation powers.
Pleasure Practice: Yemaya Sadhana Continued.
Tarot Focus: The Magician
Week 3: Your Core Business Archetype. I’ll teach you how to discover the archetypal energy running through your brand. Once you are fully aware of your archetype, you can apply these themes, symbols and principles to your marketing, branding and business design. Plus, you’ll never struggle to come up with blog, newsletter and social media copy again!
Pleasure Practice: Yemaya Sadhana Continued.
Tarot Focus: The High Priestess
Week 4: Your Revolution. What Shero superpowers are you bringing into the world? What is the enchanted world YOU want to live in? When you can answer these questions you know how to talk to your audience and inspire them to jump on the journey with you (aka buying your products and services). Expressing your passion is what moves people to take action.
By now, you’re ready to sink your teeth into creating your measurable and pleasurable goals for 2019-2020.
Tarot Focus: The Empress
Week 5: Your Message. Drafting your core messages should be as smooth and easy as sipping hot, thick, velvety dark-chocolate cacao. You have been getting more intimate with all aspects of your brand and business the past month and you have planted lots of seeds. The crop of words and phrases is ready for harvesting.
Tarot Focus: The Emperor
Week 6: The Lay of the Land. You’ll continue to write copy for your website, newsletters, blogs, social media, basically all the things. And, I will teach you how to create a marketing plan and schedule that’s fit for a Queen. We’ll discuss how to delegate the tasks you don’t need to be doing and call together your ladies-in-waiting, knights of the round table and other critical experts to help your business kingdom run smoothly.
Tarot Focus: The Hierophant
Week 7: Be the Sovereign of Your Realm. How can you be and feel like a successful entrepreneur if you overwhelm yourself with too many tasks? This week I’ll teach you how to create the structure you need for your business: office hours, when to schedule your vacations, doing business retreats for yourself, batching your projects … basically, the processes to have in place that will help you be a lot more efficient each day.
Tarot Focus: The Lovers
Week 8: Integration Sabbatical. At the end of each two month session you will have a week of integration. I will hand over one week of simple journaling prompts to help you sink into and illuminate the DNA of the Empress archetype and all the lessons from the weeks before. It’s also a great time to get caught up with your assignments if you’ve fallen a bit behind.
Tarot Focus: The Chariot
Week 9: Reach Out and Touch Someone. I'll teach you how to draft up your welcome series and other customer nurturing email sequences that will make you the ultimate Lover. I will lead you through an activation for The Lover Archetype that dwells within your heart.
For your pleasure practice, we will be working through The Pleasure Principle online course materials as a group. You will find how the natal Venus in your birth chart is affecting your business, love life and material wealth. Learn how to use Venus’ energy to revitalize beauty, wealth, pleasure, sensuality and joy in your life.
Tarot Focus: Strength
Week 10: Embodying The Lover. Lots of folks can bring oodles of people into their business, but how do you keep them from straying? I’ll teach you how to connect with your clients and customers in easy, engaging ways so they will stay intrigued and beguiled by you. You must take care of the customers and clients you already have to create a sustainable business!
Pleasure Practice: The Pleasure Principle course continued. Take the wisdom and epiphanies from last week’s material and apply them to your everyday life. Making decisions with pleasure at the center. Choosing a path that integrates mind, body and soul, while using pleasure as your guide along the way.
Tarot Focus: The Hermit
Week 11: Ways to Play. Did you know your brain is wired for pleasure as a survival instinct? This week I’ll present select material from my uber popular workshop, Enchant: Effective Storytelling in Marketing. Do you know that a great story will keep your audience captivated and coming back for more? I’ll show you how to make your writing magnetic to your dream clients.
Tarot Focus: The Wheel of Fortune
Week 12: Flirtation. I’ll teach you the most effective types of surveys as well as unique ways to reach out to your customers that don't feel icky. Asking for feedback and testimonials is so important for the sustainable growth of your business. You want to make your customers feel like you’re doing everything for them … because ultimately you are.
Tarot Focus: Justice
Week 13: Your Luscious Launch. Plan a practically perfect launch in every way! We’ll start outlining the content marketing and figure out the dates/deadlines you’ll need to get ready for your Fall and 2020 launches.
Tarot Focus: The Hanged Man
Week 14: Tease, Tempt, Seduce. I’ll teach you my favorite launch strategies such as “strip tease marketing” and the most seductive ways to invite your customers to your big pleasure party!
Tarot Focus: Death
Week 15: Business Tantra. It’s time to create moan worthy content. If you turn yourself on first, your writing, speaking and your energy will turn everyone else on too. Who doesn’t want to hang out with someone that makes them feel like they just had a screaming, nails-gripping-the-sheets orgasm? I’ll teach you my secrets to raise your magnetism and infuse it into your content.
Tarot Focus: Temperance
Week 16: Integration Sabbatical. I will hand over one week of simple  journaling prompts to help you sink into and illuminate the DNA of the Lover archetype and all the lessons from the weeks before. It’s also a great time to get caught up with your assignments if you’ve fallen a bit behind.
Tarot Focus: The Devil
Week 17: The Inner Temple. I will help you activate your High Priestess Archetype. How are you building your sisterhood and creating community in the temple of your business? I’ll show you my favorite ways to bring greater awareness about your vision and mission to the public. We’ll do a ritual to call in your soul family.
Tarot Focus: The Tower
Week 18: Embodying the High Priestess. Time to make sexy offers and promises that your tribe can’t resist. We’ll do a High Priestess altar blessing ritual to help increase your concentration and focus.
Tarot Focus: The Star
Week 19: Your Siren Song. I’ll teach you the most effective list building techniques to attract the right customers for your brand. We will do Yemaya’s prosperity magnet ritual to magnify your manifestation powers.
Tarot Focus: The Moon
Week 20: How to create your own engaging free challenge. I will walk you through how I created my Enchant Challenge in 2014 that helped me add 600 people to my list in 45 days.
Tarot Focus: The Sun
Week 21: Pleasure Audit. What needs to be fixed in your business? You’ll look at your website, social media, newsletters and blogs to see what isn’t a match anymore with your renewed business vision and branding. We will have a releasing ceremony to let go of anything in our business that we don’t want to bring into 2020.
Tarot Focus: Judgement
Week 22: Putting Sacred Pleasure at the Center of your Business. Since you learned what doesn’t work anymore in your business (last week), you can begin to plan and implement the changes you wish to make. We’ll talk about having a standard operating procedure (SOP) and how to build your business support team. I’ll guide you through Aphrodite’s Ritual Bath: a visualization meditation to rebirth your most raw, virgin self; that part of you that is eternal.
Tarot Focus: The World
Week 23: Dreams + Visions. What is the 1 BIG thing you would like to do, launch or develop in 2020? We will learn about the magical and healing properties of Blessed Thistle and Mugwort. I’ll give you my favorite recipe for making dream manifestation pillows.
Tarot Focus: The Aces
Week 24: Your Enchanted Brand Map. You know your path now and can create a document of styles (fonts, colors, images). This week I’ll teach you about candle and essential oil magic to power up your intended manifestations.
Tarot Focus: The Court Cards
Week 25: The Return - Your Spiral Journey Home. Coming home to yourself deserves a party! We will hold a ritual to fortify all that you have discovered, learned and released over the past 6 months.

How It Works

Weekly lessons are delivered every Monday via email and accessed through my password-protected membership portal. You’ll get a juicy lesson and playsheet to complete each week. (You’ll need about 2-3 hours per week to complete the assignment.)
Every Other Wednesday: Live group Q&A's over Zoom video conferencing.
Every Thursday: Facebook Live Tarot mini-readings for all who request one.
Honor the archetypes of the month and moon cycles through ritual (dates and times will vary).

Higher Ground can help you:

… clearly communicate in a way that helps your dream clients know you understand what they need and want.

… create offers that make your audience breathlessly yearn to work with you.

… grow your business with pleasure at the center.


Kris is an author, brand strategist and marketing copywriter who teaches creative, spiritually-inclined entrepreneurs how to bring in more clients, customers and prosperity.

She is here to revolutionize the feminine face of business, unapologetically.

Once upon a time, she was a corporate marketing director and lead website developer for some pretty big names, including Citrix Online, E! Entertainment Television, Disney, ABC and Paramount Pictures.
While working full time and raising a gorgeous daughter, she attended Pacifica Graduate Institute to study mythology and depth psychology with such luminaries as Marion Woodman and James Hillman. With Ph.D. in hand, she began her quest to create a business that would uplift other entrepreneurs and trail blazers.
Since then she has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create a business and livelihood that feels pleasurable, alluring and that reflects their authentic vision.

"What I love most about Higher Ground so far is…gosh, so many things! First off, it is FULL of content – so many more ideas, exercises, rituals, etc. than I thought there would be, which is wonderful. Actually I felt the same way about your book, “Return to Enchantment”, after I bought it and started delving in! Also, I really like the blend of practical tools and the magickal, mystical side of things. I love that you incorporate readings and ritual with rock-solid business advice. I’ve never seen anything like that before (we really could have used a teacher like you at the school where I got certified in Herbalism)."

Suzanne O’Gara
Tea Alchemist, Dancer | www.alchemyofavalontea.com

"I love Higher Ground. It’s essential to my business. I MEAN IT. It’s like a business temple. Kris is my go-to girl. I wouldn’t be without her in my corner. She has been my go-to girl for years and years. Her coaching and belief in me is why I am bold enough to be a practicing priestess on the Internet, doing the work I do today. She sees what I am too scared to see. She believes in me. That support is everything. In our one-to-one sessions, she is always spot on. Whether I need to talk about big scale direction for my growing body of work or need to work out a romance drama, she can help me get to the core of stuff straight away. That woman is a tarot high priestess. Her love and smarts have got me where I am, and they are going to take me to the stars. You get advice from someone that has done everything from working marketing for Disney to running a goddess festival. "

Demi Fox
Rockstar Priestess, Dancer | www.priestesstraining.com

"Being part of Higher Ground feels special. This is not just another group, this one oozes of passion, support and, not the least, of the love of each and everyone’s unique gifts to this world. With an aim to connect deeper within, with our bodies and souls, Kris is the ultimate guide who generously, and with the help of the spiritual world, leads the way to our best selves. I love it."

Maria Bovin de Labbé
Drummer, Artist, Passionate Creative | www.bovindelabbe.com

"You’re definitely a magician with words and images. You’re always asking the right questions. My favorite thing about Higher Ground: Your writing. Your articles on the website as much as the book. And it is mirrored in the choice of images and your generosity. I think I’ve rarely seen all these things in such authentic alignment (and I’ve seen many, as I’m also rooted in marketing)."

Esther Rudolph
Chief Storytelling Officer, Hühnergott & Donnerkeil

"It’s been barely half a week in your world and today I just had to come by and say thank you. I planned a long, possibly 10 page email…😍….but I’m not going to do that to you….yet. For now, I just want you to know how grateful I am to have found you. If ever there was a perfect client match, I think it would be me!!! I feel like everything you’ve created, you created just for me! I don’t say this lightly. After struggling online for 7+ years, I really do believe, with all my heart, that your program, your mentoring, your energy and the nurturing space you’ve created is what I’ve needed to create the success that has been eluding me for so long. I promised myself I was going to keep this short and sweet…I’m trying very hard to do just that! I do have a simple request though. I would like to write you an actual letter…something you can hold in your hands, keep, to really make you understand the impact you’ve had on me, and so I would be ever so grateful if you could give me an address that I could mail a letter to. I know this is just the beginning. I’m so grateful Kris."

Shirley Ann Aphrodite
Fine Artist, Designer, Passionate Creator

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