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There are 3 core areas you must ROCK OUT to develop a more fulfilling and prosperous business.

Are you ready to uplevel your business, by increasing your sales, visibility and influence on your own terms?

Ready to exponentially grow your business in a way that feels grounded, organic AND pleasurable?

In 7 days, you will learn how to implement three foundational pillars to strengthen your business from the inside out, grow your audience and increase SALES!

Pillar #1: Know Thyself + Thy Customers

Without customers your business will die. Your business' sustainability depends upon building solid relationships with your clients + customers year after year. YES, this takes energy and commitment.

Pillar #2: Content Creation

Is your content amazing or is it driving away customers? Magnetic content will keep your people coming back when it is relevant to their needs, plus you feel PASSIONATE about the topics of your content.

Pillar #3: Marketing + Promotion

If you don’t promote yourself with effective marketing your customers won’t have the joy of finding you. Believe me, there are A LOT of people who need what you have to offer. Be someone's answered prayer!



How mythology and symbols help anchor your brand and offers into the minds of your clients.

How to connect with your Muse.

How to write a "cocktail line" or short pitch to communicate who you are, what you do and how you can help your potential customers in the most compelling ways.

How to create a passion words list of inspiring ideas/phrases that you can dip into when you write your marketing materials.


How to work your magic and conjure your Muse whenever you need inspiration.

Brainstorm compelling content that your customers come back for again and again.

Outline and draft out your content for up to 6 months or more and get it all scheduled on your calendar!


Brainstorm marketing and branding that compels your best-fit clients to buy your content, products and services.

Outline and draft out your promotional materials for up to 6 months or more and get it all scheduled on your calendar!

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I do these virtual workshops over Zoom video conferencing 2-3 times per year. I did one on April 2nd and the next is scheduled for July 2019.

Ask me anything, like:

"Why aren't more people buying my stuff?"
"How do I grow my list using a free gift?"
"Which marketing CMS system should I use (i.e. Kajabi, Ontraport, Infusionsoft, Leadpages...)?"
"How should I launch my next BIG [fill in the blank]?"
"I can't think of any great titles for my next book/blog/course/retreat! Can you help?"
"I need to raise my rates, what's the most graceful way to do that?"
"Can you give me feedback on my 'elevator pitch'?"
"What do you think of this content marketing strategy?"

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