Imagine yourself ...

knowing exactly how to sustainably grow your business from the source of your magical essence.

While relaxing on a beach in Belize ...

Dancing the rhumba in Cuba ...

Discovering underwater life in the vibrant coral reefs of Honduras ...

Soaking in delicious cultural sights, sounds and tastes of Guatemala ...

Join us this March 25-April 2, 2019 on a 7 Day Cruise for Enchanted Entrepreneurs via Oceania Cruises.

Play, reverie and departing from your normal, everyday surroundings are the keys to unlocking your vacation mind.



Detaching yourself from your day-to-day work and life environment enables your brain to generate creative solutions to all sorts of conundrums.

I call this "vacation brain."

Triple this effect by being outdoors, especially near water, where ideas flow easily and gracefully.

I've designed the Cruise for Enchanted Entrepreneurs as an ideal launching pad for spiritually minded, super-creative women entrepreneurs who are ready to rebirth their businesses and become even more profitable.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, overbooked, overburdened, or just plain burned out, this retreat will bring back the passion you once felt towards your business.

Because the mystical irony is, when you work less (as in more efficiently) + bliss out more, your most profitable ideas arrive.

Expand Your Business Without the Burnout.

After coming to the Cruise for Enchanted Entrepreneurs, you’ll know exactly how to speak to your tribe and will be able to help more people than you can imagine.

You’ll be able to plan for a much more profitable and adventurous journey into your entrepreneurial potential for the next year and beyond.

I’ll show you the tools and techniques and will give you the templates and maps to make it all happen.

I’ll be here to support you and push you to the edges of your comfort zone.

When you leave the retreat you will have a roadmap for the next 4 quarters (Q3 2019- Q2 2020) to soar your business into a space of supernatural growth.

You will have more confidence and peace of mind.

You will experience a renewed relationship to money and prosperity … and will see the results in your bank account.

It will all be mapped out: revenue path, marketing channels, ideal clients, effective copy … an outline for your signature talk or platinum coaching program.


I’m an author, brand strategist and marketing copywriter who teaches creative, spiritually-inclined entrepreneurs how to bring in more clients, customers and prosperity.

But really?

I'm here to help revolutionize the feminine face of business.

Once upon a time, I was a corporate marketing director and lead website developer for some pretty big names, including Citrix Online, E! Entertainment Television, Disney, ABC, Paramount Pictures.

While working full time and raising a vivacious daughter, I attended Pacifica Graduate Institute to study mythology and depth psychology with such luminaries as Marion Woodman and James Hillman. With Ph.D. in hand, I began my quest to create a business that would uplift other entrepreneurs and trail blazers.

Since then I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create a business and livelihood that feels pleasurable, alluring and that reflects their authentic vision.

I’m the creator of Higher Ground: Practical Magic For Women Entrepreneurs, a worldwide membership group where I provide daily feedback and strategic advice to women  business owners. It’s perfect for the entrepreneur who is ready to commit 100% to fulfilling their life’s purpose through their livelihood and who desires the daily support and accountability that is required to stay on their path.

I’m the author of Return to Enchantment: Your Guide to Creating a Magical Livelihood, which swirls together archetypal psychology, mythology, case studies, and reflections, providing a practical and inspirational guide for entrepreneurs to create unforgettable marketing and branding that stands the test of time.

In the Spring of 2019 I will take 20 creative and open-hearted business owners on the Cruise for Enchanted Entrepreneurs––we will stop in Belize, Honduras, Guatemala and Cuba! Along the way we will have 5 days of marketing and branding seminars. I’ll teach you how to exponentially grow your business without burning out by using brand archetypes, sacred magic and effective copywriting that sells.

I’ll hand over the tools, techniques, templates and maps so you can make it all happen with ease.

I can't wait to voyage with you on the Cruise for Enchanted Entrepreneurs!


The Day Before Departure

We each fly into Miami International Airport and have one night at the Nautilus Hotel in Miami Beach.

Instead of rushing like crazy people on the day of our cruise departure we will have time to take a breath and enjoy an evening in Miami.

We will have group transportation to Miami Port on the day of our cruise departure. FUN!


We depart from Miami Port for two days at sea.

We'll kick-off our enchanted retreat with a witchy cocktail party where we can mingle and get to know each other.

We'll end the evening with a sacred ritual to begin generating the group MAGIC.


Get ready to make marketing magic!

You will enjoy your first Marketing and Branding Seminar at Sea. 

The day will be divided into two sessions, with a nice long break in between so you can eat lunch, relax by the pool, get a massage ...

AM SESSION (3 hours)

PM SESSION (3 hours)

Agenda Below:

Marketing Seminar Agenda For Day 2

  1. Are you marketing right for your business archetype? You’ll learn how to incorporate 12 major archetypes for each kind of product, service and customer.

  2. What is your Core Business Archetype? This is your main, resonant archetype that connects you to your brand of magic. How to work with your specific core archetype to increase both your brand power and legendary status. Work with your own symbols and words to conjure up new brand concepts to drive product/service development and marketing campaigns. You will revamp your messaging to amplify your Core Business Archetype.

  3. I'll introduce Blue Ocean Strategy (created by Professors Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne). This strategy will help you develop uncontested market space for your business, rather than fight over a shrinking profit pool.

  4. You will draft your Mythic Brand Value Statement so you can articulate what makes you stand out from all the other professionals in your field.

  5. Pitch Perfect. Who are you? What do you do? Who do you do it for and why? Script the perfect pitch for your Core Business Archetype.

DAYS 3 - 5

We will enjoy daily excursions - you pick one for each day.

Upon return to the ship, we will meet as a group to integrate your experiences and share how they can empower and fulfill the vision of your business.

Day 3: Roatan, Honduras
Luxuriate on the magnificent beaches, snorkel or dive and explore the superb shallow reefs, or discover the island's other natural wonders on a horseback ride on the beach and through a tropical forest past spectacular volcanic rocks.

Day 4: Santo Tomas, Guatemala
Visit fascinating Quiriguá and its stunning Mayan stele. Take a boat ride along the Rio Dulce to Lake Izabal past riverside Mayan villages, lush tropical vegetation and Fort San Felipe. Or take a short flight to Flores for an unforgettable visit to incredible, mysterious Tikal, its soaring ancient temples rising from the jungle floor.

Day 5: Harvest Caye, Belize
Featuring an enchanting range of environments such as tropical rainforests, marshes and coral reefs, Harvest Caye offers both relaxation and adventure amid lush landscapes. This 75-acre paradise invites you to explore its incredibly biodiverse surroundings, witnessing exotic wildlife or perhaps discovering the world’s second largest coral reef. Gain insight into the region’s Mayan and Garifuna roots, discover traditional arts and traditions at the local artisans’ village or simply soak up the abundant Belizean sunshine and relax.


It's time for your big, enchanted entrepreneurial reveal!

Today we will have our second Marketing and Branding Seminar at Sea. 

Similar to the structure of our first seminar day, we will have two sessions, with a long break to eat lunch and prepare for your presentation to the group!

Each of you will have 10 minutes on the floor to give us a talk on your specialty, and you can include your favorite tips. Then you will pitch us on a new or improved offering. It will be a fun way to wrap up everything you've learned on the Cruise!

We will follow our seminar with an early evening cocktail party to celebrate your achievements during the cruise. 

Because what you celebrate, you EXPAND!

AM SESSION (3 hours)

PM SESSION (3 hours)

Agenda Below:

Marketing Seminar Agenda For Day 6

  1. How to Launch Like A Boss. I'll walk you through a launch sequence that has worked miracles for me and all of the entrepreneurs that have used it.

  2. Write A New Business Story. Great stories rewire our brains and pave new neural pathways that can transform behavior. This is how your business can create lasting, impactful change for your customers.

  3. Systems and Consistency. I'll reveal my best tips and tools to help your business stay sustainable. Let's make it easy to know your priorities and not get caught up in activities that don't contribute to your joy, or your bottom line.

  4. Your TedTalk Moment. Present your business vision and ideas to the group. You will have the chance to test drive your new pitch.


We anchor in Havana, Cuba. 

The door to Cuba’s soul, Havana captivates with its larger-than-life culture, sultry rhythms and weathered beauty. Take a relaxing stroll along the evocative Malecón, the quintessentially Cuban thoroughfare and get lost among the Baroque facades and colonial cobblestone alleys of Old Havana. Visit the grandiose Capitolio Nacional and explore the world-class Cuban art collection at Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, which showcases everything from colonial-era paintings to countless masterpieces from Cuba’s famed Vanguard Period. Enjoy memorable explorations such as touring one of Havana’s venerable old cigar factories for an inside look at the birthplace of these world-famous cigars and the centuries-old process of how they are made. Sip a daiquiri at Hemingway’s favorite haunt, El Floridita, happen upon a live jazz group and simply savor an unforgettable moment in this unique corner of the world.

Upon return to the ship, we will meet as a group to integrate your experiences and share how they can empower and fulfill the vision of your business.



7 days after we return home from the Cruise, we will begin meeting over live video conferencing (using Zoom) for group coaching calls. This is the best way to help you continue to refine your business design and marketing materials and stay accountable for your goals.

We will have 4 weekly group coaching calls to help you stay accountable and you can receive my advice and feedback for your marketing and business ideas.


I will provide my personal feedback on the marketing copy you began on the Cruise within 3 months after we get back. I'll tell you how to improve your copy so you can share your offers with confidence.

All you need do is submit a request to me with the link to the page on your website or Google doc. I do not offer this service in any of my other retreats!

*This does not include editing your work for you.

What's included in the Cruise fee:

  • All marketing + branding seminar materials bundled together in a sweet, organized binder

  • Four weeks of coaching, feedback, and encouragement after the retreat ends. Keep the creative magic and momentum alive… even after you disembark the ship.

  • Personalized feedback on the marketing copy you began on the Cruise

  • Full-board dining on the ship, including all specialty restaurants

  • Pre-paid gratuities

  • 2 private cocktail parties with Kris

  • Unlimited soft drinks, bottled water, specialty coffees, teas and juices

  • Wine, beer and spirits can be purchased at an incredible value with a beverage package

  • 4 shore excursions per person

  • Shuttle service from ship to city center in many ports of call

  • Room service dining 24 hours a day

  • Artist Loft enrichment center

  • Internet for two people/devices per stateroom

  • $100 shipboard credit per stateroom

  • One bottle of wine per stateroom

  • Pre-cruise night at the Nautilus Hotel in Miami Beach

  • Transfer from the hotel to the ship  

    Note: Flights to and from Miami, FL not included in the price.


We will be sailing aboard Oceania Cruise's Riviera ship. 

The Riviera was designed to be distinctive and special in so many ways. Featuring the magnificent Lalique Grand Staircase, stunning Owner's Suites furnished in Ralph Lauren Home, and designer touches throughout the entire ship, Riviera showcases rich residential design and furnishings. Riviera’s refined ambiance truly embodies the unparalleled Oceania Cruises experience.

Designed with the ultimate epicurean and travel connoisseur in mind, Riviera offers guests multiple dining venues, of which six are open-seating gourmet restaurants with no surcharge. La Reserve by Wine Spectator offers enlightening seminars, tastings, and gourmet food pairings.

Riviera also features The Culinary Center, the only hands-on cooking school at sea which features a range of cooking classes by master chefs.

In the Artist Loft, talented artists-in-residence offer step-by-step instruction in everything from photography to painting to printmaking.

Baristas, our signature coffee bar, serves up illy® espresso and coffee and fresh pastries made daily.

Intimate spaces throughout the ship provide relaxing escapes.

Spacious accommodations in every category showcase luxurious designer touches and lavish bathrooms. 

"Kris has been my go-to girl for years and years. I wouldn’t be without her in my corner. Her coaching and belief in me is why I am bold enough to be a practicing priestess on the Internet, doing the work I do today. She sees what I am too scared to see. She believes in me. That support is everything. In our one-to-one sessions, she is always spot on. Whether I need to talk about big scale direction for my growing body of work or need to work out a romance drama, she can help me get to the core of stuff straight away. That woman is a tarot high priestess. Her love and smarts have got me where I am, and they are going to take me to the stars. And what I love about Kris is that she's not all “make six figures and work hard till you drop!” She is about growth. She knows the path to success is beautiful and meandering and chaotic and is about sticking with it — sticking to your truth. "

Demi Fox
Rockstar Priestess, Belly Dancer, Professional Mermaid

"You are such a gifted woman, truly. I was reading your book this morning. And I’m constantly blown away by how you turn a phrase, how magical your writing is, how intellectual yet accessible it is. This book deserves to be a NYT Bestseller. While I enjoy and respect people like Marie Forleo and Steven Pressfield, I think you are in, if not beyond, their realm. I don’t know if that’s how you want your brand to manifest in the world, but as least as far as influence, you have that capacity, power, imagination, and authority."

Yancy Lael
Author of The Poison Box and creator of the Briarlore series.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Kris both as a coach and a customer. Let me tell you, THAT mermaid marketing maven is the REAL deal! My business has done a complete 180 since taking my first class with her, and my sales have almost tripled. She has taught me that singing my siren song and trying to sell to others doesn’t have to feel icky. She has also challenged me to leverage my time and resources more effectively so that I don’t have to kill myself to get things accomplished. Kris’ refreshing class and product offerings have created another devoted customer for as long as we swim in the same sea."

Angelique Mroczka
Writer, Artist, Business Coach, Brand Strategist for Indie Authors

"Kris is a wise woman with the unique ability to open your heart and soul to your own unique talents and special gifts. She is a multi-talented leader. Her knowledge and experience is rich and covers a broad range of areas: goddess history, myth, healing, feminism, female empowerment, visualization, meditation, shamanism, marketing, entrepreneurship, promoting your business online, website development, and drumming. The best thing about Kris’ work is that she helps you come up with practical ways to implement your insights. We’ve all been to spiritual or self-development workshops feeling inspired only to have our great ideas fizzle out. Kris’ unique ability to help participants integrate the new depths and knowledge into their lives is profound. What she offers is truly life-changing, uplifting work. She helps you step into your power and use it for good."

Charlotte Cressey
Animal Liberation Activist and Educator, Feminist, Vegan Lifestyle Advocate


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